Creativity-Mining Space & Collaboration

Archi Playground

Lifelong Learning Architecture School for Children

ภาษาไทย เลือก ที่นี่

Archi Playground is a Creativity-Mining Space & Collaboration that integrates architecture, design knowledge, local intelligence. That provide an appropriate environment as a tool for everyone to explore their own “Creativity” that is waiting to be discovered.

Our program provides a Community-Based Learning Environment in which children can learn about Architecture, Design, and Culture. All creative activities in the “Playground Classroom Concept” aims to engage children and the community in life-long learning.

The Playground Concept advocate an in-person experiences for children, allowing them to learn about their community, environment, and culture. The lively creative classroom brings together students, community members, and volunteers to learn about architecture, natural resources, and the built environment.  Everyone contributes to each other’s creativity to Play, Learn, and Grow together.

Archi Playground 3-Key Value

The learning process is built around three core values for children to achieve Self-Awareness: Know themselves, Ecology: Understanding the relationship of environment around us, Creativity: Respond creatively, through learning and creative activities in the classroom as well as community environment.

Community Based Creative Learning in Architecture

Enjoy the lively classroom and programs that encourage the development of the five senses through hands-on experiences and the ability to use open imagery. Everyone can collaborate to create a vibrant studio’s learning environment. Learn about local wisdom, culture, and craftmanship from creative community members through architecture and handicrafts.

Learning from Local Intellectual Architecture and Culture

Explore vernacular architecture, local natural resource, built environment and creative community along the designate ​​local routes.  Meet, greet and learn the diverse local culture that encourage self-discovery of one’s own “Creativity”.  Furthermore, the experience and learning process will encourage students to apply their skills and knowledge in their daily lives.  Archi Playground aims to be more than just a classroom for students, but also an activities for families to unwind together, as well as a place for the community to collaborate and reconnect.